Finke: WTF no Borat; Dissecting 'Dreamgirls' Dis

Deadline Hollywood Daily's Nikki Finke has been perched since 5:38 a.m. this morning, ready to comment on the Oscar nominations. Her take: Dreamgirls was denied a Best Picture nomination out of the Academy's spite for producer David Geffen; United 93 was shut out because it has no A-list stars and marquee-name SAG members rule the vote. But even Finke has no answers as to how Half-Nelson's Ryan Gosling was nominated for Best Actor over shoe-ins Jack Nicholson and Sacha Baron Cohen: "Please, someone, anyone, explain how Gosling even got seen. I, for one, would not be surprised to learn that Gosling's father works for the accounting firm who counts the ballots."

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