Flash From The Past: Andy Warhol Loved Me!

Flash From The Past: Andy Warhol Loved Me!

Well, he loved my book Downtown! Well he held up a copy of it anyway! Well, he held up an advance copy of the cover before the actual book was inside it!

The enigmatic pop artist did this kind gesture--promoting my nonfiction guide to NYC's then underground--prompted by photographer Patrick McMullan at some party or other way back in the weighty '80s. Andy had even given me a quote for the cover, and it was so long and gushy, it sounded like it was written by me! (In fact, it WAS written by me, as I recall, but Andy approved it. No, really.)

So if you look closely, you can see that Andy was holding up his own quote--a typically self-reflexive move verging on pure art.

Thanks to Dr. Mark Warfel--surgeon to the stars and the king of the Greenport summer social scene--for reminding me of this classic shot.

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