Friday Scribbles: Tiger Fart? Pony Butter? Who Are These People?

tigerfartsponybutter.JPGTIGER FART North 5th, Williamsburg

Do people in love really call themselves Tiger Fart and Pony Butter?


At first glance, it wasn't clear which one of these two statements were back-talk: USE CONDOMS! or I AM DRUNK. So we imagined a Planned Parenthood director walking around Williamsburg after a long day of counseling, seeing the I AM DRUNK statement falling over itself on the wall, sprinting for her pregnancy-prevention kit—which would obviously contain a can of spraypaint, along with a mullet-wig—and then retorting in all-caps, USE CONDOMS!

Alas, it looks like USE CONDOMS! was there first. And some drunken stump saw the safe-sex directive and decided to inform the rest of Billyburg that inebriation is a perfectly good excuse to get The Clap. Talk to us when it starts to burn.

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