Gay Pride is Bringing In The Boys and the Booze

Dance on the Pier 2007. More photos from last year here.

Gay day is a-comin' this Sunday June 29--a great time to prance around town and know that there's no chance whatsoever of running into any of your too-cool-for-school friends. Those fruity freaks think it's hopelessly banal to do anything overtly gay-themed (except for nightly Manhunt visits), so you're totally safe from their jowly jadedness.

But the burg does teem with fresh-faced out-of-towers who will actually be excited to meet you! This could be your big chance to have some hot, corrupting sex with someone ruddy cheeked and new while celebrating gay pride and progress at the same time! But get in line, please--me first!

After the big, old parade all day, the evening's events include:

DANCE ON THE PIER Pier 54, 13th St @ West Side Highway - Hudson River Park Sunday, June 29th, 2008 4:00 - 10:30 PM, FireworksFeaturing the music of Joe Gauthreaux and Tracy Young


The Saint At Large presents CHAMPIONS The Official Afterparty of NYC's DANCE ON THE PIER benefiting Heritage Of Pride Music by Stephan Grondin, Jonathan Peters, Junior Vasquez PACHA NYC 618 West 46th Street 10 pm Sunday June 29th

And then, of course, there's the after party for the official after party at my house! Bring your own Airwick Solid!

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