Gay Pride Weekend Report: Happy Happy Joy Joy

It was a euphoric Gay Pride weekend, starting with Friday night's gathering outside the Stonewall to celebrate the gay-marriage announcement all the way through Sunday's extremely upbeat parade and all the slap-happy after-parties.

(I ended up at the Josh Wood/Jared Needle "Shark" bash at the new Dream Hotel's pool, a properly ideal slice of paradise for the giddy new realm of radiant gaydom.)

The running gag all weekend was "Will you marry me?" and the fact is I said yes to so many people I'm going to have to become a Mormon to go through with it all!

But the real joy came in realizing that a whole new generation will come of age knowing that marriage is an option for them and that full equality is a giant step closer toward reality.

This is light years away from my own upbringing, when you looked up homosexuality in a book, found out that it was a mental disorder -- and a criminal one too, by the way -- and prayed it would just go away.

Being alive to live through such history making is so humbling and inspiring I could cry -- but I'm too busy celebrating to waste any glycerine.

I feel like a pioneer, a survivor, and a brand-new-world inhabitant all at once.

To prove my current sense of personal prosperity, here's a photo (below) of how I look as we speak.

Kidding. It's a shot of a food station at the after-parade festivities.

Talk about a pig bottom!


Photo: Christian Freedom
Photo: Christian Freedom

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