Get Spat On, Receive Own Show

This from via Ohnotheydidn't: Tiffany Patterson, aka "New York" on seasons 1 and 2 of Flavor of Love, has signed on with VH1 for reality show Flavorette, a similar date-elimination contest like Flavor of Love but with the prize being the love and admiration of a woman Flava dissed twice. Regular watchers will also remember New York as the recipient of the most fantastic superloog ever to hit reality TV, from the mouth of fellow competitor/superskank "Pumpkin". Swear to god, VH1 had to have digitally enhanced that spitgobber and cranked the mike, because you'll never witness a more superhuman mound of saliva in your life. That was like a good pint of phlegm flying four feet across the room, no loss in velocity, volume, nothing.

In honor of New York's score, here's the YouTube clip again:

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