God Bless The Desmond Child

God Bless The Desmond Child

Desmond Child is the long running songwriter/producer who's penned scores of hits from "Livin' La Vida Loca" to "Waking Up In Vegas" and beyond, all while racking up Grammys and renown.

I ran into Desmond the other night at a party and he told me he's been working on Cuba Libre, a sizzling stage musical, which I bet will do better than Mambo Kings.

He's also been working on a family. Desmond met his lover Curtis when he saw him in a window (a long story) and kept returning to see him there, thinking, "I want one of those!"

Twenty one years later, they live together in Nashville with twin sons--and though they're not married, it's not for lack of trying. (They were on their way to California to tie the knot when Prop 8 went through. Still, Desmond says that Gavin Newsom was really nice, so I guess it wasn't a wasted trip.)

Desmond told me that studies show kids don't really care about the genders of their parents--they just want two of them!

Those twins found good ones in Desmond and Curtis. They're livin' la vida fantastica.

I'll have more in the column.

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