going to pluto

Congratulations and good luck to the folks at NASA and Lockheed-Martin on the successful launch of their $700 million plutonium-powered rocket to Pluto!

Of course, Pluto was also the god of the underworld - and Lockheed-Martin has that covered too. A few days ago, we learned that the Navy was going to de-nuclearize 24 of its Trident II nuclear missiles. "The purpose is to allow quicker preemptive attacks on deeply buried enemy command centers or wmd. US submarines carry ballistic missiles that fly at supersonic speeds, faster than those launched from land-based silos or airplanes."

How fast? According to Early Warning's William Arkin, "Trident missiles will be able to place a conventional warhead on target in only 12 minutes - far quicker than any other long-range weapon."

But - phew! - "The US would have to work out notification procedures with its allies, as well as China and Russia, to prevent a nuclear misunderstanding."

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What might those procedures be? Hey! Don't worry! These fellas are going to Natanz and Esfahan!


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