Golden Globes Highs and Lows

Golden Globes Highs and Lows


MO'NIQUE: Her speech seemed earnest and passionate and she clinched the Oscar with it by proving that she DOES care and IS grateful.

CHLOE SEVIGNY: Even after someone stepped on her dress, she carried on and was cute and real and even thanked someone who matters to her rather than just read a litany of boring names.


DREW BARRYMORE: Sarah Jessica does this kind of breathless, long winded "I'm a ditz and I didn't expect to win" speech much better. Focus!

CHRISTOPH WALTZ: He used a lot of different, interesting words but they didn't add up to anything cohesive. PLEASE focus!


JEFF BRIDGES: A great guy, but Mickey Rourke does this kind of rambling, real, woozy liftetime achievement thing much better. 

JASON REITMAN and JAMES CAMERON: tied for oozy fake humility. I loved when Cameron said everyone in the room should congratulate themselves for being in this industry, and Jessica Lange spit!

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