Goodbye LGBT Stereotypes in 2011

Let's start the new year try by throwing out all stereotypes about gay people--even the positive ones.

It'll help create a sparkling clean plate without any distasteful assumptions and generalizations.

Starting January 1st, it should be illegal to say or even feel that:

*All gays are good at styling, design, and cooking

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*Gays are so sensitive, and that's why women love to be around them

*All gays go the gym in between doing crystal, steroids, and energy drinks

*All gay male couples consist of physical mirror images

*All lesbian couples consist of physical opposites

*Lesbians love cats, potpourri, and flannel shirts

*Lesbians move in on the second date

*Gay guys move out on the second date

*Drag queens are all bitchy

*Transsexuals and drag queens have nothing in common

*The main thing LGBTs want is to go in the military!

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