"Great Body, No Crotch"

"Great Body, No Crotch"

We've seen it time and time again.

A guy walks by on the street with the body of doom and your eyes pop out, gleefully entertained.

Naturally, your line of vision quickly drops down to the crotch level out of mere human curiosity.

You assume the package will match the stunning bounty that surrounds it, since most street-hotties happen to be sizzling from head to toe.

But you become even more disappointed than you were when you didn't get cha-cha heels for Christmas.

There's no there there!

It's basically a Ken-doll crotch!

There's no bulge at all -- and in fact that whole area looks like it might dent inwards!

Do you shriek? Call the cops? Slap the person? Cry inwardly?

Or is it really any of your business?

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