Havana Chelsea's Replacement Coming Soon

RIP, Havana Chelsea

The other day, we happened by the corpse of our beloved Havana Chelsea, one of the last old school Cuban joints on Eighth Avenue and just about the only place we could rely on for unadulterated Cuban sandwich. The lunch counter closed in June, and will be replaced "soon" by Casa Havana, which bills itself as a "Cuban diner".

They are currently revamping the ancient kitchen, and, we assume, updating the look as well. We are somewhat skeptical. They have a website, which is useful but could spell trouble, since we're hoping for a traditional approach. But the menu shows no signs of gimmicks or fusion -- which gives us hope. The Cubanos are clearly a focus, plus traditional soups like Sancocho, and dishes like mofongo, tostones, pernil, chicken chicharron, etc. We will keep watching this spot.

Casa Havana 190 Eighth Avenue

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