Here's What Else Todd Akin Probably Believes In

If Missouri Representative Todd Akin thinks a woman's body shuts down from a "legitimate rape," thereby greatly minimizing the chances of getting pregnant, I have to wonder what other country myths he's prone to believing.

Perhaps these?

*Lesbians can't get pregnant under any circumstances.

*Gay men can get pregnant. The babies are born on the toilet. This is the one time abortion might be acceptable.

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*"Non-legitimate rape" is when they actually enjoy it. In that case, let them get pregnant. Who cares?

*"Non-legit pedophilia" is when the alleged victim sorta likes it. They can't get pregnant, though, so again, no worries.

*Sometimes my wife looks like her body is shutting down from the trauma. I am so kidding!

*Chick Fil-A makes a damned good sandwich. I just pray they kill the chickens humanely.

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