Hilarious Battle of Self Promoters!

Hilarious Battle of Self Promoters!

I just got an email inviting me and some others to a party being shot for a reality show, which I thought was perfectly nice.

But here's what author Michael Gross wrote back (for everyone on the CC'd list to read):

"I will certainly try to come, but my book will be published next Tuesday, so I may be busy!

"I hope you'll visit mgross.com to read about it, buy a copy, post and tweet about it, comment on it, and maybe buy another copy.

"I'm also thrilled to tell you that Home Box Office is buying the book for a series by Joel Silver, who gave us HBO's Tales From The Crypt and the Sherlock Holmes, Matrix, and Die Hard movies (among many, many others).

"Here are some advance notices:

"'Murderers, lawyers, actors, pornographers, tycoons, and addicts....Fantasy and ambition, cheating and careless waste...Gross's research is meticulous. Hard to read. Harder to put down.' --LOS ANGELES MAGAZINE

"'Rich in incident and full of thwarted ambition, visionary zeal, conspicuous consumption [and] salacious gossip...A juicy, breezily told social history of La La Land, deal by deal.' --KIRKUS REVIEWS

"'Mister Gross leaves no high society stone un-turned...untold and sometimes sordid stories.' --THE REAL ESTALKER

"'Stripping bare the glamorous West Coast,from Beverly Hills to Bel-Air, Holmby Hills, Beverly Park, etc... Michael's never been a lap dog of his subjects. And he never holds back the dish.' --GEORGE CHRISTY, BEVERLY HILLS COURIER

"'A name-dropper's paradise.' --LIBRARY JOURNAL

"'Gross writes with an aficionado's zeal.' --PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

"If you got this far, you may also want to come to Barnes & Noble at 150 East 86th Street (near Lexington Avenue) on Wednesday November 2 at 7 PM for my first signing and talk about the book, or Book Soup on Sunset in L.A. on November 10th at the same hour for the second. I hope to see you.


"M Gross"

Gosh, how about just "Sorry, I can't make it"?

Moments later, I received another mass email from Gross and assumed it was going to apologize for the weirdness of responding to the reality star's succinct "save the date" with a press release.

But it was the same press release again!


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