Hit Parade Treasure: "Victim" by Candi Staton

Candi Staton is an Alabama-born four-time divorcee who's best known for hits like "Young Hearts Run Free" and her soul remake of "Stand By Your Man."

She has a smoky, lived-in voice that conveys hurt with an effectiveness that you can't buy in any store; the woman's simply got a gift.

And to me, Candi's finest moment was "Victim," her 1978 anthem to being kicked in the groin by some hideous, smelly creep.

"You gave me a brand-new reason to start fixing up my face," Candi sings, optimistic at the start of the song.

But by the time she's "being left at home" -- victimized by her own philosophy of love and the inevitability of male dog-itude -- you'd better be crying and dancing at the same time or you're not human.

There, I've told you about an underrated gem of a tune that it'd be well worth your while to dig up.

Now give me one.

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