How Did Jermaine Really Feel About Michael?

A few moments after Michael Jackson died, brother Jermaine Jackson started turning up on the air to do a whitewash, as it were, and talk about Michael's unimpeachable wonderfulness and the incredible tightness of their bond.

To remind myself of his one-time truer feelings, I picked up a 2003 book called Celebrity Tantrums: The Official Dirt by Lisa Brandt, and found this passage:

"Jermaine once proclaimed, 'I could have been Michael. It's all a matter of timing and luck'. That attitude continues to gnaw away at his psyche. In 1991, he released a mediocre single called 'Word To The Badd,' notable only for its biting lyrics aimed directly at his ridiculously successful brother Michael's many eccentricities."

For those who don't remember, the song went: "Don't know who you are/Once you were made, you changed your shade/Was your color wrong?"

And that's just one verse.

Says the book, "Jermaine's ex wife claims the tune was his jealous response to producers who abandoned his recording project to work with Michael instead."

Well, finally Michael's out of the picture and no one's talking about him anymore. Right?

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