How Green Was My Playhouse

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In the Guardian, a journalist recently blogged about a new environemntal awareness on the part of London theaters. He cited Arcola Theatre as the world's first carbon-neutral playhouse and also mentioned interventions on the part of the Young Vic and Plymouth Theatre Royal. Well, we need no longer feel inferior to England's scene--not in this regard, at any rate. A New York Theater recently refurbished itself and announced itself as the city's first green theater. According to a Playbill article:

Formerly The Bottle Factory Theatre, the newly renovated 99-seat home of The Wild Project includes eco-friendly features like recycled glass tiles, bamboo plywood, low flush toilets, rooftop solar panels and energy-efficient glass windows. Even the theatre's concessions will be environmentally conscious with eco-friendly paper products and a selection of organic beer and wine.

Are eco friendly paper products and organic wine sufficient? What, if anything, ought theaters to do for the environment?

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