Hunk Alert! Armie Hammer Dish!

Hunk Alert! Armie Hammer Dish!

Armie Hammer is the handsome gentleman who played the two hottest guys in The Social Network and who made J. Edgar cream in his gown.

And now he's the charming Prince Andrew Alcott in the imminent Mirror Mirror, and I hear fairy tale lovers get to see a whole lot of him.

Armie is hung from a branch by baddies who take his clothes away (except his longjohns), so you get to see a shirtless Prince--unfortunately upside down.

But he carries on later in the same state of deshabille--rightside up--and it's a real treat that's far from Grimm.

As a bonus, I hear that one of the seven dwarves has a hot little chest and looks a bit like a pint sized version of Paul Bunyan.

I'm there!

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