I Had a Facial Dot On Keith Olbermann Last Night!

I was so adorable on Countdown With Keith Olbermann last night, talking about the absurdity of The Bachelor and how it shatters the supposed sanctity of straight marriage.

I urged Jason and his chosen bride Molly to stop asking for special rights, since the marriage of two scripted dingbats is not in my bible! "What next?" I queried. "People marrying their pets?"

There was only one little problem with my performance--there was big, gigunda black dot popping out of my mouth in 3D! Let me explain! It happened when, after I came out of makeup, I was making notes and playing around with my Sharpie in that messy way I have. Once I got on camera, no one said anything about the dot because they probably thought, "He's obviously got some kind of flareup. Just don't show too many closeups." Once I got home, the thing wiped right off--and you must believe me about that! But don't believe a single thing that happens on The Bachelor!

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