I Heart Philanthropy: Soho Rep

Attended the very glam Soho Rep benefit the other night in order to check out selections from new works by several fave playwrights (Mac Wellman, Len Jenkin) and others of whom I long to know more (Jenny Schwartz, Jason Grote, Pavol Liska and Kelly Cooper). Somehow they convinced Mewryl Streep, Matt Dillon, Tim Blake Nelson, and Jennifer Ehle, et al., to act in them. Nice! As drinks were quite accessible while hors d’oeuvres were not, I risked becoming overly merry, but am sure I behaved myself. Fairly sure. As far as I can recall.

What I certainly recall, definitely mean to see the Pavol Liska piece in its entirety and should congratulate Jenny Schwartz on winning the inaugural Dorothy Strelsin Playwriting Fellowship.

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