I Love Sue Simmons!

I Love Sue Simmons!

She's always been charming to me--funny, available, and one of NYC's reliable delights.

I've always loved her cool and knowing way on the air, and the quick banter she's flung with Chuck Scarborough on WNBC/Channel 4 news shows.

And I'm horrified that after more than three decades of turning it out, Sue is not being renewed as of June.

How many other anchors have spotted me at a restaurant and had the waiter send over a Diet Coke?

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How many other anchors could I call on her home phone and get quotes about the latest gossip phenomenon?

Even Sue's f-bomb incident was perfectly understandable. She didn't think they were filming!

Anyway, I'm screeching the f-bomb over her dismissal after all these years.

Not fair!

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