I Owe 850 Favors

I've written up my recent anniversary bash till the cows came home, but I have to dredge it up one more time to remind you that approximately 850 people showed up to toast my dizzy dazzle.

And they basically showed up because I asked them to--and in some cases even begged them to.

And in most cases, my heart sank when I saw them there--because I knew I now owed 850 return favors!

Every time any of those people now has a party, an art opening, a funeral, or a birthday bash for their pet hamster, I have to be there! No matter how crowded my schedule is, I absolutely have to make time to go to their thing because, after all, they went to my thing.

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What a nightmare!

Here's some advice, people: Do not have a successful party!

You will repay it through eternity, nabbing a front seat for every comedy club gig in hell.

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