I Was Curious About the Squid Guts

Often when this adventurous eater pushes herself to try new things, she is pleased with a discovery that could have eluded her for a lifetime. The other night, grabbing an after-work snack at Menkui-tei, the East village ramen shop, this was not the case.

I was curious about the squid guts. The waitress scrunched up her face and giggled, saying it was a snack to have with sake. "Is it good with beer?" I asked, assuming, as if often the case, that she was taking me for some sort of wuss. I like other kinds of guts, and I like salty snacks that go with alcohol. But, fishing the slimy entrails out of their fermented little pot of goop, I felt like a contestant on Fear Factor. They kind of ooze when you bite down. Do you need to know more?

Menkui-tei 63 Cooper Square (212) 228-4152

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