I Will Miss Larry King

I Will Miss Larry King

Whenever some weird celebrity like Tammy Faye Baker or Marie Osmond was in the news -- or even when they weren't -- you could count on Larry King to have them on for a grilling.

If a Jackson family scandal erupted or Paris Hilton was headed to jail, you knew Larry was going to spend time dissecting it and you'd tune in to roll your eyes at every riveting word even if he was too polite to do so himself.

Yes, he occasionally messes up and says he has someone on the phone, though they're sitting right next to him.

True, he sometimes looks like he has no more questions and there are 20 minutes left to the program.

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But he exudes a grandfatherly warmth and wisdom, and I happen to enjoy his show.

And when his suspenders weren't the least bit ruffled by Carrie Prejean storming off in a diva fit last year, I gained all the more respect for the man, even while privately calling him "Cryptie."

Larry will sign off to spend more time with his family, which is coincidentally happening at the same time that ratings are way down.

Whatever. Long live Larry King.

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