If Harry Married Sally...

If Harry Married Sally...

Let's play an amusing little pretend-they-got-married game, the type long perfected in my pal Cindy Adams's column in the New York Post. Just think of the riotous names that could emerge with the right pairings.

If Jenna von Oy married Timothy McVeigh, she'd be Jenna von Oy Veigh.

If Blu Cantrell married Sean Penn, she'd be Blu Penn.

If Plum Sykes married Brad Pitt, she'd be Plum Pitt.

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If Shalom Harlow married ex club owner Robert Shalom, she'd be Hello Goodbye.

If Pamela Lee married Phil Spector, she'd be an idiot.

Stop me, please! No, don't just stop me--top me! Let's hear your hilarious suggestions.

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