If Pink Married Bobby Seale...

She'd be Pink Panther.

If Courtney Love married the Hertz Rent-a-car guy, she'd be Courtney Love Hertz.

If Sandra Oh married Karen O, she'd be Sandra Oh-O.

If Frank Ocean married Wilson Cruz, he'd be Frank Ocean Cruz.

If Stacy Keibler married Will Ferrell, she'd be Stacy Keibler-Elf.

If Patty Duke married Jonathan Cake, she'd be Patty Cake.

If Bebe Neuwirth married Tim Gunn, she'd be Bebe Gunn.

If Courteney Cox married Ed Lover, she'd be Courteney Cox Lover.

Come on, I'm on a roll--or at least a croissant.

Help me do more!

If Sandy Duncan married Gary Beach, she'd be...

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