I'm On Current TV's Series About Docs

I'm On Current TV's Series About Docs

Tonight at 9, Current TV continues its series 50 Documentaries to See Before You Die, a look at the best documentaries made in the last quarter-century, hosted by filmmaker Morgan Spurlock.

Maybe because I'm in so many docs myself, I was asked to give my opinions in the show about slightly left-of-center classics like Paris Is Burning, the poignant look at the voguing ball scene, which shed a spotlight on flamboyantly oppressed but twirling divas in 1990.

The result, I'm sure, will be a great documentary about great documentaries.

And if you're not sick of me yet ...

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... I've also been running on A&E Biography channel, chatting about the illustrious Mayflower Madam and her classy call-girl service on Aftermath, starring William Shatner.

And on TV Guide Network's series about celebrity crimes.

And Biography Channel's shows about hot stars over 40, as well as one dealing with stellar mess-ups.

I just hope one day there will be a documentary, a Biography, or an Aftermath about me.

Or all three! There's certainly enough material.

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