Is Carey Mulligan The Right Choice For My Fair Lady?

Our dear friend Emma Thompson has announced that she's writing a screen remake of My Fair Lady and Carey Mulligan will play the street urchin turned grand dame Eliza Doolittle.

I think this casting is absolutely loverly.

Mulligan--so good as a woman conned in An Education--is just plucky enough, cute enough, and rangey enough to pull off period flicks in which she makes a dramatic transformation.

And she has great hair.

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But can she sing?

Well, who cares? Audrey Hepburn couldn't, and they simply dubbed her!

Blogger's Note: I am sort of semi kidding. I liked Audrey's voice, but the studio felt it wasn't quite spunky enough, so in came dubber extraordinaire Marni Nixon.

By the way, Hugh Grant is considering playing Professor Higgins, and he wouldn't HAVE to sing. Rex Harrison sure didn't.

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