Is Jesus Luz Using Madonna?

A friend made that contention the other day, and I replied, "But isn't she also using him because he's young and beautiful?"

Perhaps "using" isn't the right word here, but aren't all people drawn to each other because of whatever qualities they have that appeal to them?

In some cases it's glamour and creative excitement and in other cases it's looks and youthful energy.

Either way, it's always a tradeoff--you know, "I like you because you bring such and such to my life and in return, I provide you with this and that."

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Don't we all "use" each other?

And isn't it better to be loved, like Madonna is, because of what she's accomplished and all she has as a result of that than simply because she was born lucky and won a genetic crapshoot?

Help me shine a Luz on this.

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