Is Lincoln A Gay In The Spielberg Movie?

Spoiler alert (though it's actually more of a non spoiler alert).

They had a surprise screening of Steven Spielberg's Lincoln at the New York Film Festival the other night, showcasing the film about a pivotal period in American history regarding both war and slavery.

A friend of mine who works in the arts managed to get in and liked it, especially the acting from the males, like Daniel Day-Lewis as Honest Abe and especially Tommy Lee Jones and James Spader in vivid supporting roles.

"But do they portray Lincoln as gay (or bi)?" I wondered, knowing there was a small chance the film would go along with Larry Kramer's controversial research.

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(Yes, the film's screenplay was written by another fiery gay legend, Tony Kushner--who adapted the Doris Kearns Goodwin book--but Spielberg isn't usually known for full-fledged gay themes; see the muted lesbianism in The Color Purple.)

"No," said my friend.

"But there are very subtle suggestions--even beyond subtext.

"Very little things that seem more like actorly choices by Day-Lewis than anything in the script or direction.

But basically, no."


I hate another gay contretemps.

Kramer will surely descend on the house of Kushner and make lots of trouble.

This will be the real Civil War, lol


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