It's a Good One: $6 Southern Indian Lunch

A tiffin wallah is a guy who delivers home-cooked food to Indian businessmen at their offices. It's also the name of the little containers the food is packed in. It's also the name of a new restaurant on East 28th Street. We checked out the $6 buffet today and were quite pleased with the Southern Indian, Kosher, vegetarian fare.

Tiffin Wallah opened just two weeks ago and is owned by the folks behind Sietsema-recommended Chennai Garden. At the new place, the prices are lower and the decor strives for hipness. The reality is a somewhat random motif involving lime green ceilings and a textured wall that strongly suggests giant braille. But who cares, the dal is delicious. And there's a fun fennel seed candy dispenser to freshen your breath for the office.

Chowhound on Tiffin Wallah.

Tiffin Wallah 127 East 28th (212) 685-7301

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