It's a Good One: Fresh Firm Tofu (Really)

Perhaps the past several months of non-stop pork-sampling and taco-testing have finally gotten to me. I suddenly can't get enough tofu, and it's a good thing, too, because I am increasingly chubby and broke.

My top three picks for firm, fresh tofu are Han Ah Reum Woodside, DJ Farm at the Union Square Greenmarket, and Fong Inn Too on Mott Street. All three sell exemplary tofu -- fresh, savory, and toothsome. At Han Ah Reum, $2 fetches a generous plastic container, but the Manhattan location does not make its own. DJ Farm uses sea salt in their tofu, which is extremely delicious. They also charge $2, but for 2 small pieces. Therefore, Fong Inn Too has emerged as my top choice. The tiny grocery/factory looks like it may not even be open for retail business, but the tofu (plus fresh soy milk and other specialties) is available and not to be missed. $1 gets you 6 pieces.

Fong Inn Too 46 Mott Street (212) 962-5196

Han Ah Reum 59-18 Woodside Avenue Queens (718) 446-0759

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