It's a Good One: Good Old Grape Jelly

Here at EfV, we eat several peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every week. We used to try to fancy-it-up with wild blueberry preserves or black berry jam, but recently, we realized we just wanted grape jelly. Let's keep things authentic, and not go all "new American", you know? Now we're addicted to McCutcheon's grape jelly (concord, red, and white, plus sugar and pectin). It is sweet and tangy, and, with chunky, salty peanut butter, remarkably perfect. Also good is the price: a 19-ounce jar is $3.19 at Fairway.

Another favorite around here are the apricot preserves (20 ounces, $4.19), especially on some crusty wheat bread with Manchego!

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