It's a Good One: Homemade Soba Noodles with Uni

It's hard to pick just one good one at Sakagura, but we're going with the homemade buckwheat noodle special we had last night. On top, as you see, is a lovely, creamy blob of uni, some salmon roe, fresh grated wasabi, nori, and scallions. Sakagura is known for their hand-cut soba noodles, which are slippery and delightfully chewy. (They better be, for $17.)

Also not to be missed: the fluke carpaccio with grated radish and ponzu sauce, mashed potatoes fried in donut batter (the potatoes are worked till they're as chewy as mochi) with salt, the braised pork belly, and, since it's cherry blossom season, the cherry blossom flan.

Sakagura 211 East 43rd Street (212) 953-sake (7253)

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