It's a Good One: Less-Ducky Duck

Over at Serious Eats, Ed Levine is doing some blogging -- three steps removed -- about a craving for Amazing 66's "chicken-less chicken." I thought I would just add another cyber-layer to the discussion.

I have not had the invention, but now I want it too. It also reminded me of a similar dish at World Tong in New Utrecht. I wouldn't go as far as to call it "duck-less duck," but it is duck whose allure has been out-shined by -- of all things -- taro. On top, a lacy, deep-fried layer of the stuff, then a thick middle-layer of soft, dense mash, and then the roast duck -- almost reduced to just a vehicle for a root vegetable! It is a good one, but not for the usual fatty succulence of duck. It's a blander adventure for sure.

World Tong 6202 18th Avenue New Utrecht, Brooklyn (718) 236-8118

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