It's a Good One: What's Up, Pork Butt?

If it's your mom's birthday, and you can get your dad to take everyone to Momofuku Ssam Bar for the pork butt, you gotta get on that. No, David Chang is not exactly a dark horse in the restaurant game, but the Bo Ssam is worth mentioning again. Served with oysters, pureed kimchee, ginger/scallion sauce, sweet hot sauce, and boston lettuce wrappers, the pork comes apart with the tug of the chopstick. It's a fat-filed fantasy that will stay with me for some time. The wax bean salad, uni with yuzu-infused whipped tofu and black tapioca balls, and mushroom salad with pistachios -- off the regular menu -- are all outstanding new food experiences.

Momofuku Ssam Bar 207 Second Avenue (212) 254-3500

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