I've Finally Got My Own Theme Song!

I've Finally Got My Own Theme Song!
Photos: Chad Griffith

A facebook friend named Michael Penny has whipped up a Musto theme song so every time I enter a room, three cute tap-dancing boys can lift me in while singing it.

From the lyrics he's written so far, it seems very "Charlie" commercial meets Mary Tyler Moore theme song, and I think it works!

Here goes:

"Who's got the scoop on highbrow and low?


Who is that snoop, the one in the know?


Who's got the dish and the dirt too?

Who will alert you when

You need a fix for what's hollow

Something to wallow in?

Who's in the loop and watching the show?


Who'll serve the soup and cook up the crow?


Whether exact or capricious

Fact or fictitious, oh!

Well girl, if you must know

It's Musto, you know!"


"Who's got the jack on people you know?


Who puts the smack on persons that blow?


Who's got an eye and earful

More than a queer full too?

Who is the queen of the Voice?

There's only one choice ... it's you!

Who's got the knack for making it flow?


Who's got your back when you gotta go?


Aside from being prophetic

On things aesthetic

He's diuretic, yo!

So girl, if you must go

It's Musto, you know!"

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