"James Franco Hasn't Been Blown That Hard Since Milk"

That's a brand new observation from Frank DeCaro in his nuttily funny review of Oz The Great and Powerful on his own Flaming Screens channel on YouTube.

Frank DeCaro, of course, was a scream as the gay movie critic on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and he's a regular riot as the host of his own Sirius/XM OutQ radio show.

And now, DeCaro--the only other Italian-American only child besides yours truly--is redefining "out at the movies" with his channel, whose cherry has been popped with the Oz review in which he wonders if the film is a big, fat L. Frank Baum.

"Are you trying to tell us you're a little light in the ruby slippers?" asks DeCaro of Franco, while surveying the actor's sexually transgressive career.

Cut to a clip of the flying monkey telling Franco about "the Emerald City dungeon."

Interjects DeCaro: "Best name for a gay bar ever!"

If you're over the rainbow flag, this review will have you believing again.

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