James Franco's Director Has No Regrets

As you know, this week's column is a wildly informative tete-a-tete with Harmony Korine, the 40-year-old provocateur whose latest act of outrage is Spring Breakers, in which James Franco takes some vacationing babes on an immorality spree.

The movie's a big hit and has gotten some raves, so I asked Korine how he's handling its reception. (What follows is stuff that isn't in the column, but is still damned good.)

Hey, Harmony. Are you on an upswing now because of the response to the movie?

I haven't even had time to comprehend what's happening. I'm still in it. But yeah, it's pretty awesome. Usually my movies take a long time to manifest, for people to find them and catch up to them, but this one is happening in real time.

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Do you ever look back and say, 'What was I thinking?' about your work, which has been pretty controversial through the years?

No, never. I never look back at my films. I always think they're perfect in their own way. Even mistakes are perfect. Sometimes mistakes are the most interesting things.

How did you cast your wife Rachel Korine as one of the party girls in Spring Breakers?

I always try to work with people that I love and are talented. I think she's a great actress and she's bold. It was important to have her in there, to show the way. She wasn't scared of anything. I wanted her in there in the mix.

Were there any second thoughts about working together?

Sometimes it is annoying for her to work with me. We're a husband and wife. But at same time I think she loves it.

I think Franco is so much more committed to his role in your film than he is in Oz. Do you agree?

I haven't seen it.

Trust me.

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