Jim Parsons Has Come Out!

In Broadway's revival of Harvey, Jim Parsons plays a guy who pals around with an invisible rabbit.

Well, he's finally addressed the invisible elephant in the room too.

A New York Times profile says that The Normal Heart--the AIDS play which Parsons did on Broadway and which he'll appear in the movie of--resonated with the actor on several levels.

According to the third page of the Patrick Healy-authored piece, the drama spoke to the Big Bang Theory actor as a gay man with a 10-year relationship and also because it was an ensemble piece.

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There's no direct quote from Parsons, but that whole bit was attributed to him, and believe me, it was approved; the Times doesn't "out" people any more than I "in" them.

And I say yay!

Not long ago, I wrote about the absurdity of the Normal Heart--the ultimate "Silence Equals Death" project--proceeding with two glass-closet stars in the cast.

Well, Matt Bomer came out and now Parsons has too.

Harvey, your turn.

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