Kathy Griffin Craves Black Dick. Duh.

Gay.com has done a saucy feature on various notables and their thoughts about masturbation, and naturally, Kathy Griffin took her hand off her privates long enough to click out some answers. Here, for your orgasmic pleasure, is her q&a:

*Is there one particular celeb or famous person you think about most when you masturbate? Explain.

Griffin: Barack Obama. He is one delicious piece of semi-sweet chocolate.

*What is the most unusual place you have ever masturbated?

Griffin: On Barack Obama's tour bus. Luckily, he was doing an interview with Morley Safer at the time and no one even noticed I was there.

*Have you ever been caught and what did you do?

Griffin: So Michelle Obama walks in the tour bus, and . . .

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