Lady Gaga and Kanye Rumors

Today's hot rumor is that Lady Gaga might perform at Out magazine's bash at the LES club the Box tonight. It could happen, seeing as she's on the mag's cover and she's in town, having just done the VMAs and Marc Jacobs's after party last night. If she doesn't materalize, that's OK, seeing as I was going to go anyway to ogle all the fashion boys and their latest designer espadrilles.

The other burning buzz is that the VMAs incident where Kanye West dissed Taylor Swift might have been completely staged. Again, that's totally credible, considering the Bruno/Eminem stunt from the MTV Movie Awards. Besides, this was a win-win situation: Swift got tons of love and sympathy, Beyonce ended up looking super gracious, and West cemented his bad-boy image, then used subsequent TV appearances--covneniently lined up--to apologize. God, what next? That wasn't real blood oozing out of Gaga?

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