Last Meal: A Porky Recipe from iCi!

This week, Laurent Saillard, of iCi, shared his last meal fantasy with us. His answer could make you feel a little tipsy all on its own, but to soak up some of the wine, he was kind enough to share a pork shoulder recipe too.

iCi's Braised Pork Shoulder

1 Flying Pigs Farm pork shoulder (with skin on) 1 Bottle kecap manis 4 c. shaoxing rice wine 1 large piece cassia bark or 2 cinnamon sticks 4 whole pieces of star anise 1 # large knob ginger, crushed Coarse sea salt Black pepper

Rinse pork shoulder. Place in deep pan with all ingredients. Add water to cover half way. On stove top, bring pork just to a boil. Cover with aluminum foil. Place in oven at 250/300 degrees and cook at least 8 hours. Pork is done when you can insert a fork or skewer all the way through without any resistance. Let cool to room temperature. Lift skin off and pull pork including fat. Strain liquid and pour over pork. This mixture of fat & liquid will give the pork its flavor. When ready to use, take out with slotted spoon.

(Flying Pigs Farm is at Union Square and Grand Army Plaza on Saturdays. Kecap Manis and other hard-to-find Asian ingredients are at Asia Market Corporation.)

iCi 246 DeKalb Avenue Fort Greene (718) 789-2778

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