lazy sunday

Voice blogger Tom Breihan, avoiding bad weather and transit strikes down in Virginia, picks up some interesting chatter about Lazy Sunday, a comedy rap video which aired last week (12/17) on Saturday Night Live.

Apparently folks are talking about it, and the video is a popular item at both (650,000+ views) and (100,000+ views). What makes this interesting is that Akiva Shaffer, who directed and edited the video, Jorma Taccone, who did the music, and Andy Samberg, who performed it with Chris Parnell, are all SNL first seasoners, who came from Los Angeles' Channel 101, where they made Internet clips, uh, like this, yo.

A new moment in comedy? A new source of cheap laffs hitting the mainstream media? Another example of corporate synergy? (NBC has a deal with Apple - "Lazy Sunday" on i-tunes?) Onward, onward...

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