Learn How To be an S&M Sex Slave!

Courtesy GMSMA
Courtesy GMSMA

I just got a handy brochure in the mail for all kinds of racy GMSMA events, so you'd better start putting on your tit clamps, lining up in the mud, and registering, you filthy pigs.

Coming up this month, there are workshops called "From Tits To Balls" and "The Art of Flagellation," not to mention special programs entitled "When Love Hurts," "Earning Your Stripes," and--my personal favorite--"Better Homes and Dungeons."

By the way, I have no idea what GMSMA stands for--even their website doesn't seem to say--but I'm guessing it's something like Gay Male S/M Association. And if I'm wrong, you can turn me upside down, pour hot wax on my taint, and call me a whore. Please!

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