Let's End The Following Cliches...Now!

They're just too, I don't know, clichéd.

"Landscape" (As in "The landscape of journalism has changed radically." I've used it a million times. Oy.)

"He's not comfortable in his own skin."

"We're all the same under the skin."

Anything with "skin"!

"The worst-case scenario ..."

"Committed" (As in "The actors are all committed to their roles.")



"I just vomited a little in my mouth"

"One-person pity party"

"Personal vision" (As opposed to what -- impersonal vision?)

"Humanistic" (As in "The film was so humanistic." Well, it was about humans!)

"He conquered his demons." (If you really have demons -- and you don't -- it's not that easy to truly conquer them.)

"She's rewriting history."

"What part of 'no' don't you understand?" (All of it!)

"Legendary" (An actress who's done a soap opera and two dog-food commercials is suddenly "legendary." She's not even employed, but she's legendary.)

"She has a lot on her plate." But it's cracked!

Make it stop!!


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