Let's Write a Really Cliched Short Story Together

Here's how it works:

I'll start with a few narrative sentences, creating ambience in an overly familiar and banal sort of way (i.e., I'll write in my usual style, ba dum pum).

You will then follow with your own sentence or two (or more, if you're absolutely brimming with free time).

Here we go:

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"Claire Brown was as sure as pineapple punch that she had reached the end of her journey.

But one night, as the former gun moll sat and knitted bandannas in the psych ward at her local Indiana hospital/community theater, hope had obviously filled the air along with cat belches and Lysol.

Staring up at the exposed bright ceiling light as if it were the sun, Claire scratched the lice out of her one eyebrow, lifted her bag of empty soda bottles, and mused,

'I've got to get out of here and get to New York! That's where I can finally be a Radio City Rockette!' "

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