Levi Johnston Got A Lucrative Masturbation Offer

In his new book, Levi Johnston reveals that on the heels of his Playgirl spread -- which was shocking, mainly because he didn't go full-frontal -- his people got a letter from the Corbin Fisher porn studio offering $100,000 if he'd shoot three masturbation scenes.

"I was trying to understand how the conversation went beyond the first phone call," writes Bristol's ex, still anguished.

"That was horrible."

Why? You usually jerk off for free, don't you?

I guess the ex-son-in-law of the ex-Alaskan governor is deep down a wholesome kinda guy.

As for that Playgirl spread, Levi remembers thinking, "I felt like an idiot. Levi Johnston the stooge, flat on his stomach and his cheeks in the air ...

"Sarah's right. It is sleaze."

Oh, come on, Levi. Read the book about her that just came out and you'll learn about sleaze, honey.

P.S.: As you know, I ran into Levi the other night at the Times Square Social, so I asked him if he still felt icky about having done the spread.

He replied that he's glad he did it.

Aww!! Happy ending! As it were.

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