Liam Neeson Is A No-Bullshit Kinda Guy

Liam Neeson Is A No-Bullshit Kinda Guy

"You don't get actors like that who cut the bullshit," said director Joe Carnahan admiringly of his star Liam Neeson at their TimesTalk last night.

"You get a lot of ego. You get a lot of hubris.

"It's quality of life, and I don't want to work with people like that -- who have a ridiculous relationship with fame and entitlement."

Neeson -- who was very soft-spoken throughout the talk -- returned the compliment, saying he liked working with Carnahan on The A Team so he was glad to do the new film The Grey with him.

"I like my director to be a leader," said Neeson.

"[Joe] takes control. He's in charge.

"There was no 'I wonder where to put the camera.'"

With The Grey -- about a sharpshooter stranded in wolf-laden Alaska -- you pretty much just aimed it at the actors and let them rip as quickly as possible, thanks to 30-below temperatures and a 40-day shoot time.

But that wasn't the end of the sharpshooting.

Carnahan says he's gotten letters from alleged animal activists threatening, "You people are headed for a PR nightmare -- unless you invite me to the premiere."

It's a way better approach than mine: "I'm press. Can I come and cover it in my inimitable way?"

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