Lil Wayne Tops Elvis Presley's Billboard Record

Previously, Elvis Presley held the record for the male with the most entries on Billboard's Hot 100 chart, with no fewer than 108 hits.

But Lil Wayne now has 109.

Game's "Celebration," featuring Wayne as a guest, was the record breaker.

Unfortunately for Wayne (or should I call him Lil?), a couple of factors make this victory less than triumphant.

For one thing, Elvis's career started before the Hot 100 did, so some of his hits don't count into his total.

For another, Wayne was only the spotlight star on 42 of his Hot 100 hits; on 67 of them (like this new one), he's a featured guest.

It's not Elvis's fault that he never got to do stuff like "Blue Suede Shoes remix--Rihanna feat. MC Elvis, Flo Rida, and Big Sean"!

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